EP & BVA Practice Assignment

This page contains a simple specification for Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis test design techniques, along with several different implementations of this specification. Implementation 1 is correct, others - not so much. Your goal is to find ON; OFF, OUT, and IN values that will reveal bugs in all of them.

I also explained the idea behind this trainer in my blog post. Please read it after finishing with this execise, it is rather short.


  • Any integer that is greater or equal to -10,000 and less or equal to 10,000 is accepted by the program;
  • All negative integers must be stored in a database with other negative integers;
  • All positive integers must be stored in a database with other positive integers;
  • Zero should not be stored.


-10,000 and 10,000 boundaries

Implementation 1

Implementation 2

Implementation 3

Implementation 4

Implementation 5

Implementation 6

Implementation 7

Implementation 8

0 boundary

Implementation 9

Implementation 10

Implementation 11